Owner of Tudor Woodworks, Stuart has been restoring antiques since his childhood in England. He moved to Kansas City from New Orleans in 2005 after Hurricane Katrina, and opened Tudor Woodworks in 2007. He loves going to the ballet, eating out, traveling and fishing.


Conrad has a background in oriental rug repair, upholstery repair and cane and rush seating. A native of Kansas City, Conrad joined Tudor Woodworks a few years ago and is learning the trade of antique restoration. He enjoys going to comedy shows, eating out and spending time with his beautiful wife.

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Chloe has been with us for six years. She enjoys going to work with dad each day. A native of Kansas City, she has a background in sniffing out critters, rolling in very stinky things and guarding the shop. On her time off she loves to roll in stinky things, whine a lot, get pets off her Grandpa and roll in stinky things.